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3 Vegan Valentine’s Day Dinner Menus to Inspire You in the Kitchen


Looking for delicious and unique vegan Valentine’s Day dinner ideas? I’m a big believer that nothing says “I love you” quite like a home cooked meal. But deciding what to make your loved one that is special, yet easy to pull off can be difficult to come up with.

I’ve got three vegan Valentine’s Day dinner menus for you that include an appetizer, main and dessert to cover you from start to finish!

I bet you either love the thought of Valentine’s Day approaching, or you avoid it like the black plague. I’ve never really been a huge fan of this hallmark holiday that comes to life with chocolate and roses, but it is a nice excuse to show your significant other how much they mean to you.

One of my favorite ways to show people how much I appreciate them is to cook a delicious meal that we can enjoy together. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to be simple. If it’s too complicated, I’m spent before I even sit down to eat!

Below I’ve got three delicious vegan valentine’s day menus to inspire you in the kitchen. Included are ways to adapt them if you’re serving them up to a meat lover and ideas to make it a fun dinner date at home!

Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu 1: Italian is for Lovers


Build a Vegan Charcuterie Board (with homemade vegan cheese!)

If you’re making this for two, I would suggest sticking to one or two kinds of cheeses and serving with a cracker, fruit, nut and jam. Or, serve it as is to feed a larger crowd, say, your girlfriends for a Galentine’s Day get together?


Hearty Mushroom Walnut Bolognese

Nothing is more romantic than an Italian dinner. To make this meat-friendly, you could swap ½ of the mushrooms and omit the walnuts for 1 lb. lean ground grass-fed beef. You could also serve with zucchini noodles for a low carb option, or lentil pasta for a boost in protein!


Raspberry Chia Dark Chocolate Pudding Parfait

The classic chocolate and fruit and combo get a fresh twist with this parfait made out of raspberry chia jam and dark chocolate cashew cream. Need I say more?

Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu 2: Comfort Food for a Cozy Night In


Cheesy Rosemary Truffle Popcorn

One of my favorite local restaurants serves truffle popcorn as an appetizer and it’s such a fun start to any meal! Especially if your date night in consists of Netflix movies.


Roasted Veggie Tortilla Pizza

Have some fun in the kitchen with a build your own pizza station! Use this recipe for inspiration, but let your imagination run wild with topping combinations. You could stick with the veggie theme, accommodate the meat lover in you or opt for a good quality buffalo mozzarella!


Double Chocolate Sweet Potato Brownies

Nothing screams comfort food more than a bowl of brownies and ice cream. I’ve got you covered with these fudgy and luscious double chocolate sweet potato brownies. Your job is to choose the ice cream flavor!

Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu 3: Asian with a Twist


Homemade Veggie Sushi

Intimate sushi class for 2? This homemade veggie sushi is deceptively easy to make and a fun way to get to know your partner. This is also a fun activity for family night or girls’ night in!


Mushroom & Bok Choy Ramen Bowls

Comforting, yet hearty, these ramen noodle bowls are the perfect second course to sushi. To boost the protein in these bowls, you could add seared tofu, shredded chicken or a soft-boiled egg!


Coconut Chia Pudding with Coconut Matcha Whipped Cream

Coconut and matcha are common Asian flavors that we’re using in this coconut chia pudding topped with coconut matcha whipped cream. You can layer with any fresh fruit you like and even double up on the matcha by adding it to the chia pudding, too!

Happy Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day!

3 Vegan Valentine's Day Dinner Menus - 1

-Carly Paige

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