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How to Make the Best Vegan Charcuterie Board


Remember the post a few days back when we talked about how to make super simple vegan cheese, then elevate with three different flavor combinations? Today, we’re using these vegan cheeses to build out the most delicious vegan charcuterie board! The flavor gang’s all here as I walk you through step-by-step how to create a delicious and beautiful vegan charcuterie board for your next dinner party or holiday gathering.


True story, I didn’t know how to pronounce “charcuterie” until recently. These boards are the go-to order when dining out with a group because they are usually big enough and have a variety of flavors going on to satisfy everyone around the table.

My family loves charcuterie boards (more specifically, cheese boards). They make a regular appearance on vacations, family dinners and holiday get togethers.

There’s just one problem with a charcuterie (or cheese) board. Cheese is incredibly rich, yet so good, making it easy to overindulge. I often eat a little too much in one sitting. So much so that the thought of cheese really turns me off the days after. I think I’m still getting over my brie coma from Thanksgiving last year!

With a vegan charcuterie board, it’s still entirely possible to overindulge, but you aren’t left with that sick-to-your-stomach feeling. Even more reason to go back for seconds and thirds…

How to Make a Vegan Charcuterie Board

Obviously when going plant-based, there’s no meat around. Since I’m not really a fan of the processed “fake” stuff, I chose to leave it off the board and satisfy the “meaty” flavor other ways.

To make a vegan charcuterie board you’ll need the following:

Vegan cheeses. This one is a given. You can’t have a charcuterie board without the cheese! Check out my post on how to make super simple vegan cashew cheese, plus three flavor combinations to kick it up a notch. Who could say no to an herb, smokey cheddar and baked “goat” cheese?

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Pro tip: Roll the cheese in herbs, dried fruit and or nuts to give it even more flavor and make it stand out!

Jams and jellies. I find that sharp and salty cheeses are best complemented by fruit jams. Or, you could go with my dad’s favorite – hot pepper jelly on top of cheddar served with a cracker! For this board, I made a simple raspberry chia jam by heating 2 cups frozen raspberries in the microwave, mushing with a fork, then adding 2 Tablespoon of chia seeds and a drizzle of honey.

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Nuts and dried fruit. Some of my favorite dried fruits to serve on a charcuterie board are dried figs and apricots. They are hearty and sweet, but not overly sweet. You could go “nuts” with the nuts (ha!) and add a variety of walnuts, raw almonds, marcona almonds (truffle-flavored is delicious!) and roasted cashews.

FitLiving Eats by Carly Paige Recipe - vegan charcuterie board 3

Crackers. It’s not called “cheese and crackers” for nothing! Opt for more nutrient-rich crackers that are made with nuts, seeds and whole grains for a healthy dose of fiber, instead of highly processed toasts and crackers made with “enriched wheat flour”. Some of my favorite brands include Jill’s crackers, Simple Mills, Mary’s Gone Crackers and Flackers.

Olives. In my opinion, olives aren’t optional. The saltiness of the olives balances out the sweetness of the cheeses nicely. I like to include a little bowl of good quality mixed olives to the board.

Fresh fruits and vegetables. With all of the decadent flavors going on, including some fresh fruit and sliced veggies helps lighten things up a bit. Berries, apples, pears, grapes and fresh figs are all a beautiful addition to the board. Some of my favorite veggies include sliced radishes, snap peas and cucumber. Mild, crisp and delicious!

To assemble your vegan charcuterie board, I suggest adding the cheeses to the board, first. From there, you can scatter the remaining ingredients around, grouping together those whose flavors compliment each other.

FitLiving Eats by Carly Paige Recipe - vegan charcuterie board 6

A vegan charcuterie board is a fantastic party appetizer that is both pretty and delicious. Get creative with different flavors and placements on the board!

I can’t wait to see what you create. Share your vegan charcuterie boards with me by tagging @fitlivingeats on Instagram!

Let the party begin!

-Carly Paige

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