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9 Ways to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

how to stay healthy through the holidays

The holidays can be a busy time of the year filled with cocktail parties, nights out with friends, and family gatherings. Just because your schedule seems a little more “full” than usual doesn’t mean you have to kiss your healthy lifestyle goodbye. In this post, I’m sharing how you can stay healthy by exercising, making […]

The Secret to Greater Happiness Is…

Are there times that you feel like the world is working against you and nothing seems to be working out the way you wanted it to? While sometimes, we can’t change our circumstances, we can change our attitude. Learn how positivity can lead to great happiness below! Have you noticed how during the holiday season […]

Remembering what I’m Grateful for on Father’s Day

Remember when we talked about how our attitude helps shape our perspective on life and can lead us towards greater happiness? Research (and my personal experience) shows that practicing gratitude is a huge component of having a positive attitude. In Shawn Achor’s TED Talk on positivity, one of his five tips was to write down three things you are grateful for each day. By doing this, the lens in which we view our circumstances becomes one of positivity, first. Read about three things I’m grateful for, here.

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