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9 Ways to Stay Healthy Through the Holidays

how to stay healthy through the holidays

The holidays can be a busy time of the year filled with cocktail parties, nights out with friends, and family gatherings. Just because your schedule seems a little more “full” than usual doesn’t mean you have to kiss your healthy lifestyle goodbye. In this post, I’m sharing how you can stay healthy by exercising, making […]

4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Cardio Routine

TKO jump rope product review

Cardio. What thought goes through your mind when you hear that word? We all know that cardio is important for our overall health, yet many of us drag our feet at the thought of it. Today, I have four ways to jumpstart your cardio routine to get the biggest bang for your buck. I want […]

Myth: Women who lift weights are at risk for gaining too much bulk

False. How do I know? Because I have incorporated strength training with weights into my fitness routine on a consistent basis since I was in high school, and I look far from your average body builder. Well that, and the fact that there are many research studies and health recommendations that encourage women to supplement aerobic activity with strength training. Learn more about the benefits of strength training, here.

The one core exercise you must be doing: Planks

I am so excited to welcome Jess, from Hello to Fit, to the FitLiving blog! In her guest post, she talks about the benefits of the plank exercise and shows us how to do a proper plank. Check out her awesome tutorial on the one core exercise you must be doing below!  Planks can be […]

You have committed to making fitness a priority. Now what?

tips for starting a new fitness program

Whether it is your first race, a new fitness program, or you’ve simply committed to being more active each day, congratulations! Making the decision to prioritize fitness is the first step towards a healthier you. Now the challenging part begins – actually sticking to it. So many times, I hear others, and sometimes find myself, […]

Tips to Get You Movin’ Throughout the Day

I admit it. Working a desk job for the last few years has been hard for me. I am not naturally conditioned to being behind a desk for most of the day (in fact, I don’t think most of us are), and would much rather be outside or moving around, which is why I loved being a personal trainer in college. I am convinced that fluorescent lighting (and lack of natural light) is detrimental to my health, and sometimes, even my productivity level. But if I think about my job in its entirety, the whole desk thing is a small trade-off for being able to do what I have grown to love over the years. See these tips to help you move throughout the day, here.

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