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Career Series: A Review of Nutritious Life Studio


Have you ever considered a career in nutrition or are looking for a nutrition program to compliment your already existing wellness profession? A year after graduating from Integrative Nutrition, I was looking to further my expertise in nutrition and I found The Nutritious Life Studio program, founded by Keri Glassman, Registered Dietitian and celebrity nutritionist. If you’re just […]

Career Series: A Day in the Life of a Health Coach


If you had asked me a few years ago what my business would become, the answer I would have given you would look radically different than what it is today. In this series post, I thought I would share with you a bit about how I started out as a health coach and what a […]

Career Series: Becoming an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

integrative nutrition health coach

So you want to pursue your passion in wellness and nutrition, or maybe you’re considering becoming an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Now what? That’s exactly where I was just a few years back. I had reached a cross road in my corporate job and my options were to start looking for other jobs in the […]

Healthy Grocery Store Tour: Produce Edition

healthy grocery store tour

I’m back with the next edition of your very own virtual grocery store tour! We’ve already tackled the freezer aisles and now it’s time to move on to the produce section. This is where I usually start the tour with my clients since it doesn’t get any fresher or more nutritious than this department. In […]

Healthy Grocery Store Tour: Freezer Edition

healthy grocery store tour - freezer foods

Have you ever wandered around the grocery store aimlessly, wondering if what you’re putting in your cart is even healthy? I don’t know about you, but when I hit the store, I like to have a plan and feel good about the foods I’m putting in my cart. This is why I’m launching a series […]

The Evolution of FitLiving Eats + A Tour Around the New Space!

Welcome to the new FitLiving Eats! It’s a been a while, I know. While I certainly wasn’t sure of what this journey would look like as I stepped out into the unknown to pursue my career passion, no one could’ve prepared me for the amount of change, growth and as a result, perseverance needed when […]

My Journey Towards FitLiving

So, why FitLiving? Well, let’s back up a bit. In grade school, I tried every sport under the sun (except soccer), but none of them stuck with me. I was either not competitive enough in a team setting, my reaction time was too slow, and well, as much as I hate to admit it, maybe I just wasn’t athletic enough. That’s what I told myself and began to believe. Learn more about my journey towards FitLiving in this post.

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