How to Cut an Onion the Right Way

How to Cut an Onion step-by-step tutorial

One of the most basic culinary techniques that can make a huge difference in cooking is knowing how to cut an onion the right way. I’ve got the secret for saving time to avoid crying while cutting an onion in this step-by-step video tutorial!  Spoiler alert: I can’t claim this method for how to cut […]

What kind of cooking oils should I be using?

Freebie Optin FitLiving Eats by Carly Paige

One of the most common cooking questions people ask is “what kind of cooking oils should I use?” If you go down the grocery store aisles, you’ll find the better part of one side completely overtaken by cooking oils. So how do you know which one is the best?  Growing up, my mom cooked with […]

5 Meal Prep Tips You’ve Never Heard Before

Meal-Prep-Tips-You-Haven't-Heard - FitLiving-Eats-by-Carly-Paige - 22

Do you love the idea of meal prepping, but get easily overwhelmed? Just the thought of planning feels like a lot, and that’s before you’ve even stepped foot in the kitchen! I’m sharing how to save time and money in the kitchen with meal prep with five tips you’ve probably never heard before.  It’s no […]