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The secret superfruit of the tropics: Papaya + A Giveaway!

Have you ever been on a tropical getaway and found that papaya was a regular appearance on fruit trays and breakfast buffets? This “super fruit” of the tropics is loaded with nutrients found in the leaves, the fruit and even the edible black seeds! Learn more about the health benefits of papaya below and enter in the giveaway at the bottom of this post!  

Learn about the health benefits of papaya, plus ways to consume all three parts of this tropical fruit! |

This post is sponsored by Herbal Papaya. I was compensated for my time and gifted sample product. All opinions are my own.

If you’ve been around this blog once or twice, then you know I love to get my hands on exotic flavors and superfoods, which is why today, we’re talking about papayas!

Want to know a fun fact about me? I love to travel and have been to many different places around the world, including Brazil, Europe, Cuba and Africa to name a few.

One of the things I love most about traveling (especially to a different country) is being immersed into the culture and a different way of living. And as my passion for nutrition and food has grown over the years, it’s particularly interesting to taste my way through a new country as I explore the foods and flavors of the area.

Speaking of foods and different cultures, one of my favorite climates to visit is the tropics because I love the array of fresh fruits and local foods available at each meal. The tropical islands were where I was first introduced to papaya – also known as “Fruit of Angels” (and for a good reason)! This delicious fruit is so creamy and buttery in texture that it literally melts in your mouth.

Learn about the health benefits of papaya, plus ways to consume all three parts of this tropical fruit! |

Although papaya may be abundant on the fruit tray during your tropical getaway, they can be hard to find in the United States. These tropical fruits are one of the most genetically modified foods found in your local store, making it difficult to reap the many health benefits of this delicious fruit in an “au natural” way.

Knowing this, I was so excited when Herbal Papaya offered to send me a sample box of their papaya products to try! I love being introduced to food and nutrition companies that emphasize quality ingredients and have a mission similar to my own in helping others lead a healthier lifestyle. As I researched Herbal Papaya, I knew they would become one of those companies that I keep in my back pocket as a health coach!

Herbal Papaya supports local farms and sustainable agricultural practices, and all of their products are made from organic, non-gmo papayas. Two of the things I love most about this company is that it is 100 percent women-owned, which is inspiring to me as I work to start and grow my own business, and that they are a company that gives back. Herbal Papaya gives back ten percent of the profits to the WAAW Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to educating girls in Africa.

So just what are the nutritional benefits of papaya and how can I incorporate this fruit into my diet?

Good question! Let’s look at the nutritional breakdown in three parts.

The Leaves

Although you wouldn’t necessarily eat papaya leaves off the tree, they can be dried and ground into a fine powder used in teas, or found as a liquid extract. The leaves help to maintain healthy blood platelets, aid in digestion and boosts immunity and energy.

Learn about the health benefits of papaya, plus ways to consume all three parts of this tropical fruit! |

I’ve been trying to incorporate more tea into my day and loved the papaya leaf tea with rooibos as an afternoon treat!

The Fruit

The flesh of the papaya contains high amounts of vitamins A, D and E to support your immune system and helps you get that youthful, glowing skin we are all after. The super enzyme, papain, which is only found in papayas, helps break down nutrients in the body to speed up metabolism, promoting healthy weight management and a healthy digestive system!

If you want to try incorporating papaya fruit into your diet but have a hard time finding a non-GMO variety, Herbal Papaya offers several products made from papaya fruit, including their green papaya powder and ripe papaya powder, each offering their own unique health benefits.

The Seeds

Of the three components of a papaya, the seeds are the most interesting to me. Why? Because papaya seeds are known to be a gourmet ingredient and are used as a healthier alternative to black pepper! My creative foodie wheels are already turning…

Learn about the health benefits of papaya, plus ways to consume all three parts of this tropical fruit! |

The papaya seeds help to fight toxins in the body and support intestinal cleanse, the natural way. I added the papaya seed powder sent to me by Herbal Papaya in a smoothie with pineapple, mango, turmeric, kale and coconut water and it was delicious! I’m already thinking of a fruity salad dressing I can incorporate the powder into next.

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The Giveaway!

Now for the fun part! You didn’t think I was going to talk about all of these health benefits and products without giving you the chance to try it for yourself did you? Of course not! You can use code “FITLIVINGEATS” to get 10% off any of the products created by Herbal Papaya to reap the health benefits of papaya in your own home!

Learn about the health benefits of papaya, plus ways to consume all three parts of this tropical fruit! |

And because I loved these products so much, Herbal Papaya is giving away a sample goodie box to one lucky reader! Simply enter in the giveaway below for your chance to win. The winner will be announced on Monday morning, June 28th.

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So tell me. What’s your favorite tropical fruit? Have you ever tried papaya before?

Good luck!

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-Carly Paige

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23 Responses

  1. Papaya is one of my favorites but definitely hard to find! I will be checking out Herbal Papaya! Thank you for sharing ?

    1. Yes, it is! Did you know that if the serial number starts with “8” then it is GMO? Eye opening!

  2. I love papaya! I hardly ever get it in the states but when I travel to the Caribbean it’s a must have for breakfast.


  3. I LOVE Papaya! Tropical fruits are really my favorite right next to berries. And how perfect for summer because they leave you feeling refreshed. I’ve never tried Papaya leaf tea though, that sounds interesting!

  4. Wow, I had no idea papaya was so healthy and useful! Even the seeds are edible. I love a good tropical fruit, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried papaya. I like the idea of being able to order it fresh from far away.

    1. I know, right? Papaya is definitely not on the “common” fruit list, but I love the tropical flavor!

    1. The teas are delicious! That’s what is so great about these products. You don’t have to love the taste of papaya to enjoy the health benefits 🙂

  5. I love papaya. They grow well here in Florida. Papaya are also good for digestion.I find that papaya alone doesn’t have a lot of flavor. It often takes on the flavor of the dish.

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