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Master Power Bowl Meal Prep Like a Boss

Master Power Bowl Meal Prep Like a Boss - FitLiving Eats by Carly Paige 4

Love the idea of meal prep, but hate the reality of the time it can take? Master power bowl meal prep in 45 minutes or less to have healthy meals prepared for the busy week ahead. The best part is, flavors can be mixed and matched so that you never get bored!

Master Power Bowl Meal Prep Like a Boss - FitLiving Eats by Carly Paige 4

If you’ve been around here long enough, you know a couple of things about me. Smoothies are what I call “liquid gold” and my not-so-secret to improved health from the inside out. Whole, nutrient-dense foods are my jam and power bowls are a weekly go-to for me.

Why power bowls?

Power bowls are delicious, easy to prep ahead of time and assemble when needed, hearty and can be customized to switch up the flavors from bowl to bowl.

When I first attempted meal prep, I got it all wrong. I spent hours in the kitchen following recipe after recipe, making lots of casseroles, crockpot meals and one-dish dinners. That got exhausting and boring real fast.

Master Power Bowl Meal Prep Like a Boss - FitLiving Eats by Carly Paige 3

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Nowadays, meal prep is a whole lot simpler. Instead of following exact recipes, I prefer to follow a formula.

For my main meals, that formula is all about the power bowl.

Master Power Bowl Meal Prep

A power bowl = base of leafy greens + whole grain (optional) + roasted/raw veggies + nuts/seeds/avocado + a delicious sauce

Remember when I shared with you my favorite power bowl sauces, here? They are a must!

Master Power Bowl Meal Prep Like a Boss - FitLiving Eats by Carly Paige 2

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When I’m meal planning, I make sure the following are on my grocery list:

  • Leafy greens
  • 1-2 cans of beans (for protein)
  • 3 kinds of vegetables for roasting
  • 2 kinds of raw vegetables for assembly
  • Avocados/nuts/seeds
  • Power bowl sauce ingredients
  • Additional protein if desired (such as chicken, wild salmon, etc)

For power bowl meal prep, here’s my usual plan:

  • Roast veggies and beans
  • Prepare grains if using
  • Chop any raw veggies
  • Make power bowl sauce
  • Store ingredients separately for an easy mix-and-match situation when it’s time to assemble

Having healthy meals prepared and ready to go is a huge time and energy saver during a busy week! Meal planning and prepping does take some effort and time on the front end, but once it’s a part of your routine you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. Promise.

Master Power Bowl Meal Prep Like a Boss - FitLiving Eats by Carly Paige 1

The Power Bowl Insider Edition

Get access to my ultimate power bowl guide that includes the perfect power bowl formula, recipes, a grocery list, meal prep timeline, plus how to order a healthy power bowl out!

Cheers to nutritious and flavorful power bowls!

Get Your Ultimate Guide to Power Bowls

This free guide includes:

  • the 6 key steps to build the perfect power bowl
  • 4 power bowl sauce recipes to take your bowl to the next level
  • your very own grocery list and meal prep timeline
  • guidelines for ordering a healthy power bowl at a restaurant

-Carly Paige

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