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Learn to Cook

Cooking doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Healthy foods should always taste delicious and never boring. Let me show you how.

Individual Cooking Lessons

Shifting to a nutrient-rich, whole foods diet can be overwhelming and can often feel like starting over in the kitchen. Sharpen your cooking skills and become more confident in the kitchen in the comfort of your own home. Menus are customized based on health goals and recipe preferences. The best part is – the food prepared during the lesson turns into meal prep for the week!

Catherine M.
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Our son’s golf coach and wife had been making changes to be healthier and live longer, especially after Coach had a heart attack last year. They did research and felt like a vegan diet was the best for them moving forward. For the couple that has everything, I was so excited to get them your cookbook and cooking lessons, as it was the perfect gift to help them on their journey. Thoughtful, practical, and of course, YUMMY!

Healthy Life Jumpstart Package

Once you’ve recognized that you want and need to make changes to your lifestyle so that you can feel your best, it can be hard to know where to go from there. What diet should I follow? Is there a protocol I can find that will fit my needs? How do I know what the right thing is?

If you’re looking for a sustainable, sensible approach to improving your health from the inside out, let me help you. 

The Healthy Life Jumpstart Package is for you if you recognize that getting to where you want to be requires cooking more at home, but you need some direction. It’s a combination of customized menu plans to ease the transition to whole, minimally processed foods, along with individual cooking lessons to give you the confidence you need to execute these plans. It’s the what, the why and the how all wrapped up into one package that’s customized to you.

Debra W.
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When I saw the documentary Game Changers, I knew I had to go vegan/plant based. Realizing I could eventually get rid of diabetes, it was a no brainer for me. I now had to figure out what to eat. Carly Paige came highly recommended, so I set up some individual cooking lessons with her. She is so knowledgeable and a whiz in the kitchen. She showed me how to make many plant based meals and knife skills that have made such a big difference in my cooking. After only 3 months of changing my diet, my a1c is down to 5.9 and I no longer feel tingling, a symptom of diabetes. Thank you Carly so much!
James "J.R." Reid, High-Performance Coach
James "J.R." Reid, High-Performance Coach
Founder of the Champions Ranch™
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Before I met Carly, I was so tired and frustrated with the lack of direction from previous wellness practitioners and was looking for someone that was best-in-class that would come alongside me. I was experiencing constant stomach cramps, constipation and inconsistent energy. In just three weeks of working with Carly, the cramps vanished, I was regular, and was back to feeling like an elite athlete again. The menu plans set me up for success amidst my busy schedule and the recipes were delicious. Aside from healing from the physical pain I was experiencing, I had set a goal for myself to lose 10 pounds and drop 4% body fat in 8 weeks. With Carly’s guidance, I got there in 6 weeks!
Cindy H.
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I was given a diagnosis of MS several months ago, and I knew that fine-tuning my diet would help me going forward. Carly has been writing meal plans for me for the past three months and it has helped me tremendously! I felt like my diet was pretty healthy before, but she has helped me create not only new food standards for myself, but has walked me through the incredible time saving process of meal prep in a doable way. I never realized how much brain space I use during the week worrying about what I am going to eat. Not only has it helped ease this transition, but I’ve lost 10 pounds in the process, the lightest I’ve been in 15 years. Thank you!

Group Cooking Classes

Winter Park, FL

These cooking classes are designed with you in mind, whether you are starting from scratch or consider yourself a pro in the kitchen. Learn how to make healthy foods that will fuel your body the right way by making simple recipes that will increase your cooking confidence and knowledge of nutrition.

Here’s what you will get out of FitLiving Eats cooking classes:

  • An introduction to plant-based foods, while learning new ways to combine flavors and ingredients that transforms into a satisfying and delicious meal
  • Breakfast and lunch to take home for the next day to continue the healthy habits learned in class
  • A three-course dinner the evening of the class 
  • An explanation of why certain foods are beneficial for your health and simple, nutritious swaps that you can make in your own kitchen
  • A fun night out surrounded by a community of others whether you choose to join solo, with your significant other or make it a girls’ night out

All menus are designed around fresh, seasonal ingredients. Recipes will always be gluten, soy and dairy free, featuring organic and (when possible) local produce.

Colleen R.
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Thank you for such a wonderful cooking class! You are so inspiring and have such positive energy. The overnight oats and mason jar salad were delicious and such a time saver during a busy day. I can’t wait to check out all of your healthy recipes so that I can continue to feel great!

Group Cooking Class Gift Certificate

Give the gift of an unforgettable experience with any upcoming FitLiving Eats cooking class. These classes are great for healthy food enthusiasts, home cooks, and anyone looking to increase confidence in the kitchen and in their health. Certificates are good for (1) RSVP ticket and can be applied towards any upcoming group class.

Holly S.
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Carly is incredibly personable and innovative in the kitchen. She keeps you motivated, but doesn’t overwhelm you. I’ve implemented many of the recipes at home, since they are simple and easy to recreate, even during a busy work week! I believe people are always looking for something new, wanting to add to their recipe collection and become healthier, so I recommend these classes to friends, family and coworkers!

Host Your Own Cooking Party

Customize the experience of a FitLiving Eats cooking class in the comfort of your own home, or book the kitchen in Winter Park, FL (if available) for a private party! Private cooking classes are a great way to gather your closest friends for a fun night out, birthday or special occasion. I will work with you to design a menu that you crave, whether it be a Mexican fiesta, Thanksgiving in the summertime or whatever your heart desires.

Pricing and group size accommodations vary per request.

Susie Carlton
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Our extended family was visiting over the holidays, and my sister-in-law suggested that we all take one of Carly’s cooking classes. This was such a fun night for all of us! Even the meat lovers in the family were impressed with how delicious her recipes were. Our family now has a text group page called “Carly’s Kitchen” where we share photos of plant based recipes that we’re continuing to make. It’s really brought our family close together, and has kept us all connected. I highly recommend her classes and purchasing her cookbook!

About Carly Paige

I believe that healthy is more than just a home cooked meal and superficial solutions for confidence crushing issues. I want to show you how to thrive by finding greater confidence and energy from within.

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