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Healthy Grocery Store Tour: Freezer Edition

healthy grocery store tour - freezer foods

Have you ever wandered around the grocery store aimlessly, wondering if what you’re putting in your cart is even healthy?

I don’t know about you, but when I hit the store, I like to have a plan and feel good about the foods I’m putting in my cart. This is why I’m launching a series of grocery store tour posts to help you navigate the aisles in a healthier way! I’ll be breaking down the different sections of the grocery store to give you an in-depth tour of what foods and products to stock your kitchen with.

I hope that this series will help you stick to healthy habits by incorporating more nutrient-dense REAL foods into your diet and help you better navigate the grocery store with ease!

healthy freezer items

This post is sponsored by several of the brands mentioned below. All opinions are my own. To view my full disclosure policy, click here.

Today, it’s all about the freezer section.

Let’s be honest. The freezer aisles are all about convenience and they oftentimes get a bad rap when it comes to healthy eating. While I mostly promote a plate that’s filled with fresh ingredients, I believe there’s a time and place for frozen goods.

I like to stock my freezer with a few healthy grab-and-go options for busy weeknights where I didn’t plan as well as I should have. The freezer aisles are also a goldmine for sourcing vegetables that might be out of season or frozen fruits for a delicious and nutritious smoothie!

Grab a cart (or your shopping list) and get ready to take notes as we walk down the freezer aisles together. Ready?

Fruits & Veggies

Stocking your freezer with frozen fruits and veggies can be a great way to incorporate a variety of produce into your day, even when it’s not in season. Since frozen produce is picked at its peak, it’s just as nutritious as fresh and oftentimes can be cheaper!

Keep frozen veggies on hand for a quick side or stir fry, and fruits for a satisfying smoothie on-the-go!

Stock the freezer with…

Organic frozen fruit (smoothie inspiration, here)

healthy freezer foods

Sambazon Unsweetened Acai Packets – These packs are super convenient, full of antioxidants and have 0g of sugar! In fact, they are one of the only fruits in the world with zero naturally occurring sugars and health-boosting omega 3s.

  • Pure unsweetened acai pack: blend with 1/2 banana for added sweetness (optional), vanilla protein powder, a handful of leafy greens and coconut water for a delicious and refreshing smoothie!
  • Supergreens pack: These packs are loaded with nutrients thanks to the addition of kale, spinach and spirulina. In my opinion, you can never have too many greens in your day!

Organic veggies – Woodstock is one of my favorite frozen produce brands simply because of the variety offered. Some of my favorite veggies to keep on hand include: edamame (recipe inspiration: asian quinoa power bowl), mushrooms for stir fry, mixed vegetables for a quick soup, corn (recipe inspiration: black bean & spinach enchiladas) and green beans for a simple side.

Riced cauliflower, broccoli or kohlrabi for a low-carb fried rice or grain alternative

FitLiving Eats tip: Add frozen greens such as spinach or kale to smoothies or soups to increase nutrient density. You get more greens for the volume when compared to fresh!

Legumes & Grains

Did you know that you can find frozen legumes (beans/lentils) and grains? Cooking grains on the stovetop can be a pain, and you might not need that whole can of beans. Look no further than the freezer section for a quick, reheat option!

Stock the freezer with…

Organic brown rice/quinoa (the perfect power bowl base)

healthy freezer foods

Path of Life Quinoa Side Dishes – no need for a recipe here! These quinoa side dishes are super flavorful and ready in less than four minutes. They are delicious on their own, scrambled with an egg for a savory breakfast or the perfect power bowl base. The best part is, the ingredients are made up of foods you would stock your own kitchen with!

Beans/Legumes – add these to soups, salads or make this “no tuna” chickpea salad for an easy lunch.


They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but yet it can oftentimes be the most difficult to get in. Below are some of my favorite shortcuts for a healthy breakfast on-the-go!

Stock the freezer with…

Unsweetened steel cut oatmeal – a fiber-rich breakfast made in minutes! Add a few berries, chopped almonds, hemp seeds (for protein) and cinnamon for a well-balanced breakfast.

Egg white patties – add to a piece of avocado toast for a boost of protein

healthy freezer foods

Whole grain waffles – one of my favorite ways to enjoy waffles for breakfast or a snack is to spread with plain Greek yogurt and top with fresh fruit slices.

Hilary’s Veggie Breakfast Sausage


The breads I usually reach for are made of “sprouted” grains and have no preservatives, which is why they are stationed in the freezer section. What does sprouted mean? Simply put, it’s a process that allows grains to be more easily digested in the body and the nutrients more readily available for absorption.


Sometimes, life gets in the way and even cooking a 30-minute meal seems daunting. I like to keep a few ready-to-eat meals on hand for times when I’m in a pinch, but unwilling to go through the drive-thru.

Stock the freezer with…

healthy freezer foods

Qrunch quinoa burgers – I always keep veggie burgers on hand to throw together a quick meal. These quinoa burgers are fantastic to add to salads, eaten on their own topped with avocado and a side of veggies or with a fried egg on top. The ingredients are made of whole grains, vegetables and coconut oil: simple and healthy!

healthy freezer foods

Luvo frozen meals – I specifically love the Luvo Planted meals because they are filled with nutrient-rich plant-based ingredients. However, all of their frozen meals are less than 500 calories and 500mg of sodium, contain no artificial ingredients and the meats/poultry are raised without hormones or antibiotics.

FitLiving Eats tip: Craving pizza? Opt for a frozen organic veggie pizza w/ no cheese and add your own light sprinkle of organic mozzarella, or better yet, add a vegan cheese (such as kite hill or miyokos) or leave it bare!


Opt for wild-caught to ensure the best quality. I love a good salmon dinner! Simply thaw by marinating in your favorite lemon dressing in the refrigerator, then roasting at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes (more or less depending on thickness of the filet).

Sweet Treats

Craving something sweet after dinner? I’m with ya. Choose treats that have real ingredients and keep added sugars to a minimum.

Stock the freezer with…

“No sugar added” frozen fruit pops

Banana babies – dark chocolate covered bananas

healthy freezer foods

FitLiving Eats tip: If you have a craving for ice cream, enjoy the REAL DEAL every once in a while for a decadent treat. So many of the low-calorie alternatives that are marketed as “healthy” have a laundry list of ingredients. In my opinion, simple ingredients is usually going to be the better choice, even if there’s a little sugar involved.  

Do you live in the Orlando area and want to join me on your own customized tour through the grocery store? Send me a message and let’s chat!

grocery store tour_freezer list

Download the full PDF here. 

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A health coach's guide to the freezer aisle - a virtual grocery store tour!


-Carly Paige

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