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Double Chocolate Avocado Cookies [Dairy-Free, Grain-Free and Nut-Free]


These Double Chocolate Avocado Cookies are my take on the infamous cookies at Miraval Resort & Spa. They are chocolatey and fudgy with a secret ingredient – avocados! A cross between a cookie and a brownie, these Double Chocolate Avocado Cookies are the perfect way to satisfy a deep desire for chocolate in a healthier way. 

One of my favorite requests I get asked is to “simply swap” a recipe. When my friend called from Miraval Resort & Spa during her recent stay with a swap request, I knew I’d be up for the challenge. She was talking about these chocolate avocado cookies that made everyone swarm the table the minute they were put out. My friend claimed that they were to die for, but knew they were probably too good to be good for you. 


I’ve got to be honest. Going into a recipe makeover blind, not having experienced the original always makes me a little nervous. On top of that, I’m not exactly the best baker when following a recipe, let alone creating a recipe, so I had no idea how these would turn out. 

I must have been pretty confident though, because I even put them on an upcoming cooking class menu

Bringing the chocolate avocado cookies to life took a few tries

I tested a remake of the recipe once. Flavor was okay, maybe a little too bitter, and the texture was off. On to the second test. Flavor was on point, but the batter was too wet and the cookie didn’t hold up very well even when baked. 

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On to the third test. They say third time’s a charm and it worked! Flavor resembled a decadent, ultra chocolatey brownie, and the texture was crisp on the outside, but moist and slightly gooey on the inside. I had to call my friend to describe the experience just to make sure it was on point to cross-check myself and it is a winner! 

Let’s take a look at the healthier swaps I made in this recipe: 

  • The original recipe from Miraval calls for cane sugar. In this recipe I used coconut sugar, a low-glycemic alternative that is a fantastic substitute when a recipe calls for dry sugar. I also cut the amount of sugar called for in half, reducing the overall amount in each cookie. 
  • Anytime I’m working with chocolate, I opt for raw cacao powder vs. traditional cocoa powder. Cacao powder is processed via a cold-pressed method, which retains more of the nutrients and antioxidants from the cocoa bean. It is slightly more bitter than cocoa powder, resulting in a truer dark chocolate flavor which I love. 

The end result? Each double chocolate avocado cookie has only 3g of fat (from the avocado) and 14g sugar. The sugar is still a little higher than I would normally go for, but I wanted to keep the ingredients to a minimum and create something that isn’t just healthy, but tastes good, too. 

Cookies are meant to be a treat after all, right? So why not treat yourself with something that won’t spike your blood sugar levels (thanks to the coconut sugar) and can satisfy even the deepest desire for something chocolatey. Trust me, one Double Chocolate Avocado Cookie is all you’ll need to do the trick. 

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Double Chocolate Avocado Cookies [Dairy-Free, Grain-Free and Nut-Free]




  1. Preheat the oven to 350F. 
  2. Puree the avocado in a food processor until silky smooth. After the avocado is pureed, measure it out and add it to a mixing bowl. Add the coconut sugar and stir to combine. Add the rest of the ingredients (sifting the cacao powder for a smoother batter) except for the chocolate chips and stir until well incorporated. The dough will be thick. 
  3. Place the batter onto a piece of parchment paper and pat into a rectangle or square so that you can cut 12 even cookie dough bites with a pizza cutter. Shape with your hands into cookies, placing onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. This is easiest done with damp hands. Place a dark chocolate chunk on each cookie and press lightly. 
  4. Bake for 12-15 minutes, or until the tops of the cookies begin to crack. Remove them from the oven and cool, allowing the cookies to firm up. 


How ripe your avocado is will affect the texture and flavor of the overall cookie. If the avocado is underripe, it will be hard to get the buttery smooth texture that will melt into the batter. If the avocado is too ripe, the flavor will be more intense and will be more difficult to disguise through the added cacao. I recommend choosing an avocado that is firm, but slightly gives to the touch. 

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  • Calories: 105
  • Sugar: 14g
  • Fat: 3g
  • Carbohydrates: 19g
  • Fiber: 2g
  • Protein: 2g

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Did you give this recipe a try and love it? Share it with me on Instagram by tagging @fitlivingeats!

-Carly Paige

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3 Responses

  1. Pretty good, but slightly bitter. Very moist and decadant though! Maybe they would have been better if I had eaten it with some dairy free ice cream on the side.

  2. It’s decent, although a little bitter. But quite decadant and wet! If I had eaten it with some dairy-free ice cream on the side, perhaps they would have tasted better.

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