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Have you ever considered a career in nutrition or are looking for a nutrition program to compliment your already existing wellness profession? A year after graduating from Integrative Nutrition, I was looking to further my expertise in nutrition and I found The Nutritious Life Studio program, founded by Keri Glassman, Registered Dietitian and celebrity nutritionist.

If you’re just now joining in, I’ve started a career series on my blog to share with you how I got started in my career of wellness and culinary nutrition and a glimpse into my career life today. I’ve had many people reach out asking me to share my story and any wisdom I have as they are looking to start their own career journey. I thought I would share with all of you, too, in hopes of inspiring you in some way!

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I’ve never really been someone who enjoyed school, but once I found my passion in holistic health and nutrition, I had a newfound hunger for learning. A year after graduating from Integrative Nutrition, I started looking for a nutrition program that would build upon the knowledge I already had and provide me with even more expertise in nutrition.

I first heard Keri Glassman speak at an Integrative Nutrition Alumni event and was immediately drawn to her. I loved her simplistic approach to wellness, her relatability, and admired the career that she has built for herself as a nutrition expert.

At the time I signed up for The Nutritious Life Studio program, I was actually preparing to move to Los Angeles for a month to complete my Level 1 Raw Plantlab Culinary Certification. I would say 2016 and 2017 was time and investment in building my knowledge, skills and expertise to lay a strong foundation for my career in wellness and culinary nutrition!

My Takeaways from The Nutritious Life Studio program

Nutritious Life Studio is designed to provide cutting-edge nutrition and wellness education with the support of a thriving community of wellness professionals. The program is made up of 13 modules, all which can be done online and at your own pace (which I loved!).

What I love most about Nutritious Life Studio is that it’s accredited and recognized. All Registered Dietitian Nutritionists who complete the program receive 12 CPEs and anyone who completes the program can become a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

Throughout The Nutritious Life Studio program, Keri not only educates on nutrition and wellness, but also how to set up your business or take your business to the next level. She provides in-depth, well-researched content that informs, but doesn’t overwhelm.

Some of the topics covered in the program include:

  • Nutrition 101
  • Cravings and Emotional Eating
  • Inflammation, Allergies and Gut Health
  • What Makes Us Fat
  • Detoxing & Cleansing
  • Supplements
  • Common Nutrition Myths
  • Specialty Diets
  • The First Client Session
  • The Nutritious Life Handbook (tools for business success!)
  • Bonus interviews with experts in the field of fitness, mental health, media and nutrition

I felt like The Nutritious Life Studio program gave me a boost in confidence of my nutrition expertise and provided tangible tools that I could implement into my health coaching to create better systems within my business.

Keri provides her curated pillars of what makes a nutritious life, a meal plan template, comprehensive portion guides and recommended supplement list; all tools that I refer to on a regular basis when working with clients.

The best part of completing the program is that you are still a part of The Nutritious Life Studio community! There is a vast variety of experts from all over the country who are a part of this community. We are frequently asking each other feedback, nutrition questions or advice on a client case. Keri also does a fantastic job of regularly engaging the community by being present in the group and most recently starting a book club. She also hosts a yearly Masterclass (which I have been dying to go to!) that brings together a smaller community to learn, network and inspire.

If you’re looking to add nutrition as a career component or build on your existing expertise, I highly recommend The Nutritious Life Studio program. The nutrition and business education combined with the community and access to Keri is well worth the investment. I left LA feeling reenergized in the kitchen and more confident in my nutrition expertise and client coaching!

Want to learn more about The Nutritious Life Certification?

Click here to get all of the details!

-Carly Paige

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  1. I am trying to choose between the program at Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Nutritious Life Studio. Do you have any recommendation if you could only choose one? Thanks!

    1. Hi Alison, great question and that’s a tough one! It really depends on what career path you are most interested in and how you plan to use your education. This is a response I wrote to another inquiry similar to yours that you might find helpful. Best of luck to you!

      “While everyones path and professional credentialing is different, I have to say, I’m happy with the order in which I completed both of my certifications. I felt like IIN really gave me the foundation I needed to begin a career in wellness through a focus on holistic training, practice in coaching, and a network of professionals. That said, I always knew it wouldn’t provide enough of the nutrition credentialing I felt I needed, which is why I later completed Nutritious Life.

      I think if you ONLY care to do nutrition coaching, Nutritious Life might suffice. But if you are interested in health/holistic coaching, I would encourage you to start with IIN. I feel it has more of an expansive range of focus areas and while saturated, is widely recognized by many. However, in saying that, I know that both programs have changed since I’ve completed them, so I would encourage you to reach out to a few graduates of both programs to get their perspectives. I’m not sure where you are located, but another thing you might want to look into are the regulations around nutrition consulting in your state. The line can be fuzzy, and there are limitations to what you can call yourself and the services you can promote. I might also try and track down a few people in the wellness field in your area to get their input, if coaching is ultimately what you want to do.”

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