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Building Confidence in the Kitchen, One Ingredient at a Time

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Cooking has always been a passion of mine. When I close my eyes and think back through my childhood, many of my memories stem from time spent in the kitchen.

Building Confidence in the Kitchen | Cooking Classes in Orlando, FL hosted by FitLiving Eats

I remember sitting on my nana’s countertop while making her famous pancakes. I remember making my mom her first Mother’s Day breakfast (scrambled eggs!) from a children’s cookbook that I still cherish to this day. I remember the first recipe I ever created – a beef and noodle casserole scribbled on a piece of notebook paper.

These memories are marked by mostly warm and fuzzy feelings, but some pain as well. I’ve burnt and accidentally cut myself more times than I would like to remember, many of these instances still visibly marked on my hands. I remember entertaining friends one evening and being so proud of the meal I had created, only to watch a person turn up their nose to goat cheese and complain that the sweet potato fries were too cold.


I’ve received both praises and criticisms in my time spent in the kitchen, yet despite the reviews I get, it’s one of the few places that I fearlessly put myself out there time and time again. And no, I’m not some professionally trained chef, I’m just a home cook who is always looking for new ways to enjoy fresh and vibrant foods and flavors.

My kitchen has become a place of vulnerability, confidence and adventure. It’s also become a place that brings people together in community. Mother’s Day is the only day you will find both my family and my husband’s family under one roof. But it’s a day that I’ve come to look forward to because it’s an opportunity to serve those I love most in the space I feel most comfortable in.

Building Confidence in the Kitchen | Cooking Classes in Orlando, FL hosted by FitLiving Eats

To me, cooking isn’t just about the food on the plate. It’s about facing my fears and stepping outside of my comfort zone. It’s about bringing people together to cultivate community. It’s about learning new ways to fuel the body that aren’t boring, but are fresh, flavorful and vibrant. It’s about creating art out of the simplest of ingredients. It’s about building a framework to be able to live a healthy and confident life.

It’s my way of seeking confidence that creates a ripple effect into many other areas of my life.

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And so, I want to share my kitchen space with you so that you might be able to seek greater confidence and become better equipped to live a healthier and more vibrant life. I hope that through my recipes you are able to create memories with the ones you love around the dinner table and be able to host gatherings with confidence.

Building Confidence in the Kitchen | Cooking Classes in Orlando, FL hosted by FitLiving Eats

Creating simple and healthy recipes to share is just the beginning. I don’t know quite yet how, but I want to be able to invite you into my kitchen (figuratively, not literally!) in a way that has the power to change the course of your life. To give you the opportunity to experience the same confidence I’ve found in and out of the kitchen to be able to live life well.

And so, I’m starting with the community I know best.

If you are local to the Central Florida area, I would love for you to join me in the kitchen for a small-group, hands-on cooking class! These classes are located in Winter Park, FL and are offered on a monthly basis. Menus are designed around fresh, seasonal ingredients and simple recipes that even the beginner home cook will feel comfortable tackling.


These classes are a fantastic night out with friends, or a fun experience shared with your mother/daughter (ages 14 and up). My mom and I share a special bond through cooking, which is the inspiration behind these classes. We are always looking for new classes to try with an emphasis on health, as well as tips and tricks that we will feel confident bringing back to our own kitchens.

To learn more about upcoming classes offered and get a detailed glimpse at the menus, click here.

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Want to host a private cooking party?

Let’ chat! Parties can be hosted in-home or at the Winter Park location (based on availability). We will work together to customize a menu that will create lasting memories and inspire you towards healthier habits in the kitchen! Click here to get the conversation started.

Building Confidence in the Kitchen | Cooking Classes in Orlando, FL hosted by FitLiving Eats

Share with me. Do you have any favorite cooking memories? Is there anything you would love to learn more about when it comes to boosting confidence and creating healthier habits in the kitchen?

Stay updated on upcoming (local to Orlando) events, classes and workshops by signing up for the newsletter, here! 

-Carly Paige

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12 Responses

  1. I love these photos! I for one, need to build my confidence in the kitchen! Now that I’m living with my SO, I’ve been having to cook more, so I’m always looking for recipes! Definitely in need of healthy recipes! I will have to keep your page in mind 🙂

    1. Thanks Liv! It is so much fun! Definitely pushing me outside of my comfort zone but they are so rewarding!

  2. Love this! I try to cook with one new ingredient every month just to get out of my comfort zone and have FUN! 🙂 Wishing I lived in Sunny FL right about now!

  3. Nostalgia – I can’t forget my firsts with the culinary art. The first cut and the burnt bread. Lol. Wish you the best with your cooking class!

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