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Activated Breakfast Bowls: A Review of Daily Harvest

daily harvest activated breakfast bowls

Have a hard time fitting in a healthy breakfast? It’s Daily Harvest to the rescue (again!) with their new activated breakfast bowls. We’re talkin’ overnight oats and chia pudding… two of my favorites to have on hand for a quick breakfast on-the-go! I’m sharing my thoughts on the new products and flavors below and a discount code for first-time users!

#ad A Review of Daily Harvest Breakfast Bowls + 3 FREE Cups with Code FITLIVINGEATS!

I am an ambassador for Daily Harvest and this post contains affiliate links. I was not compensated for my time. 

Getting a healthy, filling breakfast is usually the most difficult meal of the day for me. Once I wake up, I’ll sip on my warm lemon water while waiting for the coffee to brew. But once the coffee is ready, I’m ready to get to work! If I haven’t prepped breakfast the night before, it can be a crunch to find something quick and easy to fill me up for the next few hours.

In my experience with health coaching and talking with others about their health struggles, it turns out I’m not alone. At least I have the luxury most mornings of working from home, whereas most people are rushing out the door to get to the office. Maybe that’s you?

These are the very reasons why I am such a huge fan of breakfast items that can be made ahead of time. In fact, I incorporate make-ahead breakfasts in all of my cooking classes because they can be such a game changer when it comes to starting your day in a healthy, energized way.

#ad A Review of Daily Harvest Breakfast Bowls + 3 FREE Cups with Code FITLIVINGEATS!

Even though my love affair with overnight oats and chia pudding is strong, there are days that I forget.

When Daily Harvest came out with their activated breakfast bowls, I was pumped because I am already such a fan of their 30-second smoothies and soups. There’s nothing better than the feeling of opening your freezer and seeing smoothies, breakfast bowls and soups already done for you (for the most part)!

The 411 on the NEW Activated Breakfast Bowls

One of the things I love most about Daily Harvest (aside from their super convenient products) is the QUALITY of their ingredients. They never skimp on using superfoods, such as blue majik, reishi, hemp hearts and chia seeds!

#ad A Review of Daily Harvest Breakfast Bowls + 3 FREE Cups with Code FITLIVINGEATS!

I was recently sent a box of their new activated breakfast bowls to try out, and the flavors did not disappoint. In my box were the following flavors:

  • cinnamon protein + banana oats – this one had chickpeas in it, which I thought was weird at first, but once I was about halfway through, I loved it!
  • mulberry + dragonfruit oats – I have yet to try this one
  • pumpkin + chai oats – I’m such a sucker for pumpkin anything, so obviously this was my favorite.
  • blackberry + majik chia pudding – mermaid goals! I like this one, but it wasn’t my favorite. I tend to go more for the dessert-flavored varieties.
  • chocolate protein + triphala chia pudding – still have yet to try this one
  • mango + golden milk chia pudding – this one was delicious!

To make the “bowls”, all you have to do is add milk and set it in the refrigerator overnight. Or, if you forget to plan ahead you can heat them up in the microwave, which is what I preferred to do for the oats!

My Final Thoughts…

Overall, I loved the convenience of these activated breakfast bowls. The flavors always get me outside of my “usual” and introduce me to new foods (win!). I probably prefer the oats over the chia pudding, only because the chia puddings made A LOT and could probably be split into two servings in my household.

A Review of Daily Harvest Breakfast Bowls + 3 FREE Cups with Code FITLIVINGEATS!

The other thing I noticed is that the texture of both seemed to be very thick, so I would probably add more liquid than it suggests. The 30-second smoothie cups will always hold a special place in my heart, but for someone who needs help in the breakfast arena, the breakfast bowls are a great time saver!

Plus, now you can really switch up your orders and make the most of them with so many options to choose from: smoothies, soups, overnight oats AND chia puddings!

Want to give Daily Harvest a try? Use code FITLIVINGEATS at checkout for $25 off your first order! Yes. Breakfast goals… accomplished!

-Carly Paige

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