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7 Simple Swaps for a Healthier Cup of Coffee

You might benefit from one (or all) of these 7 simple swaps for a healthier cup of coffee if you are you a “coffee with your creamer” kind of person.

Coffee can be a healthy part of a nutritious lifestyle if consumed in moderation. What you put in your coffee makes the biggest nutritional difference. I’ve got seven simple swaps for a healthier cup of coffee! Do you use any of these swaps already?

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Coffee and I have a love hate relationship. Some people claim they don’t feel the effects of caffeine, but I do. Too much caffeine at just the right time can leave me feeling weak and jittery. I have taken many breaks from coffee, but I always end up returning to my comforting cup of joe in the mornings because I crave the morning ritual. I know I’m not the only one, here!

Coffee is full of antioxidants and can be a part of a nutritious lifestyle when consumed in moderation. What’s more important than if you do or don’t choose to drink coffee, is what you put in your cup.

A glimpse of my simply swapped journey towards a healthier cup of coffee:

I started out by enjoying “coffee with my creamer” (it was the reason I even liked coffee).

Then, I reduced the amount of flavored creamer to the actual serving size

Next, I found myself swapping creamer for milk (with no added sweetener, but milk has natural sugars so it was sweet enough)

I then moved towards a more dairy-free lifestyle, so I swapped for flavored non-dairy creamer

Trying to manage the added sugars in my diet, I eventually opted for plain, no added sugar non-dairy sweetener

No added sugar non-dairy sweeteners are thickened with gums (not more almonds or coconut, aka “real foods”), so I moved to just unsweetened almond milk with a sprinkle of cinnamon to save a few dollars at the grocery store.

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And sometimes, I’ll drink my coffee black out of necessity (like during a hurricane).

As you can see, it’s been quite the journey to incorporating healthier alternatives for my cup of coffee. Sweeteners are the biggest culprit in transforming a simple cup of coffee into a dessert. It’s taken time to remove these added sweeteners while still enjoying the taste!

7 Simple Swaps for a Healthier Cup of Coffee

Wherever you find yourself on the journey, try elevating your cup of coffee with one of the simple swaps listed below. Get comfortable here, then incorporate another swap to give your cup of coffee a healthy makeover over time.

Here are some simple, healthy swap ideas:

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Maybe you know you’re a little too addicted to your cup of joe and are looking to take a break.

Try some of these coffee alternatives if you’re looking to break the coffee habit completely.

The goal of making over your morning cup of coffee is to create an enjoyable experience without a lot of added sugars and fluff. Try incorporating one of these healthy alternatives and watch as your taste preferences change over time!

Cheers (with coffee mugs!),

-Carly Paige

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