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3 Ways to Stay Healthy While Working From Home

3 ways to stay healthy while working from home

Do you feel like it’s harder to stay healthy while working from home? Does it feel like your healthy habits are slipping away? With lines blurred between work and home life, it can feel more exhausting and stressful working from home. 

In the beginning of the pandemic, it felt like we had been given more time to engage in extracurricular activities, such as exercise routines and cooking at home. Many of us were exploring new hobbies, whether it be baking different kinds of banana bread, trying a new workout class online, or planning virtual happy hours with friends and family. 

Now that we are almost a year into this worldwide pandemic, there seems to be a shift from that initial energy. Many of us feel overextended from kids being at home, endless Zoom meetings, or both. It’s a new kind of busy that makes maintaining healthy habits at home seem more difficult. 

Adjusting to a new way of daily life takes a lot of emotional energy, leaving us feeling worn out by the end of the day. Even though it might feel like extra effort, focusing on the health of your plate has the potential to transform how you feel and function in your day. 

Healthy eating habits are often the first to go. 

One of the first habits to fall by the wayside when there is a disruption in our daily routine is often healthy eating. Why? Because there are convenient options available to us, whether it be frozen foods or meals via delivery that make eating easier. 

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The problem is that these foods are often not the most nutritious. It might alleviate some of the initial stress of mealtime, but will likely leave you feeling less than your best over time. 

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To help you thrive throughout the day, here are three ways to stay healthy at home. 

Plan and prepare.

This might be the most impactful habit, but also the one that will take the most effort. When there’s no plan in place, it’s easy to feel stuck in a bind come mealtime. By that point, it’s too late. Instead of opting for a nutritious meal, convenience wins. 

The act of planning out your week’s worth of meals alone is a great first step. Making decisions ahead of time when there’s less feelings of stress and urgency can lead to healthier choices. 

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To ensure this plan is put into place, try preparing a few items you know will help you out when it feels like crunchtime during the week. Maybe this is breakfast, since you’re struggling to find a morning routine. Or perhaps it’s lunch, because you find that you often just work right through this hour and by 2pm, feel your energy plummeting. Whichever meals you find most challenging to fit in throughout the week, prepare these foods ahead of time. 

Have you downloaded my FREE Meal Planner Kit, yet? To make meal planning and prep a consistent part of your routine, check out this Meal Planner Starter Kit to help get you going! 

Fuel in the Morning.

You’ve heard the phrase, “breakfast is King”, right? Every body is different in their nutritional and dietary needs, but if there’s one thing that will help keep energy and productivity levels up throughout the day, it’s choosing the right fuel in the morning. 

A breakfast that is full of sugar and highly processed carbohydrates has the potential to do a lot of damage in your day. It can leave you feeling hungry just a few hours later, cause your energy to come crashing down, and trick your body to think that the only way to get this energy back is to keep eating sweet things. 

Choose a breakfast that is high in protein to keep you full until your next meal, fiber to keep energy levels consistent, and a little healthy fats to satisfy any cravings that might pop up throughout the day. Some examples of a healthy breakfast could be: a balanced smoothie, hard boiled eggs with whole grain toast and fresh fruit, or overnight oats

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Perfect Trifecta.

The three nutrients that will help you feel your best are: protein, fiber and healthy fats. 

  • Protein is the key nutrient that will satisfy hunger levels (and also the first nutrient to seek out if you’re still hungry after a meal). 
  • Fiber, which goes hand-in-hand with minimally processed carbohydrates, will help stabilize blood sugar levels, slow down digestion, and keep energy levels up. 
  • Healthy fats give nutritious foods a pleasure factor, helping to satisfy cravings throughout the day. 

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By incorporating each of these nutrients on your plate at every meal, you will achieve a balanced plate that will help you thrive throughout your day. 

Even though working from home might come with its own set of challenges, sticking to healthy eating habits can help minimize stress, keep energy levels up, and help you feel your best. Even if that includes hanging out in your pajama bottoms all day. 

Want one action item to take away from this? Pick one recipe to try out this week to get a taste of meal prep, making sure it follows the perfect trifecta guidelines! 

Try to incorporate these tips to help you stay healthy while working from home.

-Carly Paige

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