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15 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar In and Out of the Kitchen

When it comes to apple cider vinegar, let’s get one thing clear. It’s the only multi-purpose wellness product you’ll ever need in your pantry. Okay, that might be a little extreme, but this buzzy health trend has been around for years and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon! Check out 15 ways to use apple cider vinegar in and around your kitchen below.

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Believe it or not, my husband was the first in our household to jump on board with this (not-so-new) wellness trend. Normally, I’m the one ahead of the times around here, but he started taking a shot of apple cider vinegar in the mornings and has never looked back since.

I like to think of apple cider vinegar as the Windex “cure all” that we so fondly remember from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and I’m still discovering the magic of this popular pantry item.

I’m still somewhat of a newbie when it comes to using apple cider vinegar in all its glory, whether in the kitchen, as a beauty product or as a household product. I’ve used apple cider vinegar in salad dressings, and my husband has adopted it into his morning ritual, but that’s about the extent of it in our house.

Because of our limited usage around here, I turned to my health and wellness friends who are part of the Bloggers Gonna Blog community for some trusty advice on how to best use apple cider vinegar!

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But first, let’s cover some of the basics…

What does “with the mother mean”?

Good question. I wasn’t sure at first either, so I did some research for the both of us.

Simply put, “with the mother” means that the vinegar still has the culture of beneficial bacteria that turns regular apple cider into vinegar. In other words, it’s what makes this vinegar go from “eh” to “amazing” when it comes to health benefits.

When looking for a health-boosting apple cider vinegar, you want to make sure it is raw, unrefined and unfiltered (essentially unpasteurized). This ensures that the nutrients have been preserved and the vinegar still has its health-boosting qualities!


Swanson Health Products recently sent me their new organic apple cider vinegar (with “the mother”) and it is truly one of the best ones I’ve tried yet. Raw apple cider vinegar tends to be pretty pungent, but this particular product is smoother and a little sweeter in taste, which is great for a newbie like myself!

15 Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

In the kitchen.

“I use it as a salad dressing and to achieve a more balanced flavor in savory dishes (it’s great for balancing out richness in soups and stews), and it’s great for quick-pickling veggies!” – Sarah from Girl Adulting

“I like to make a ‘tea’ with ACV, hot water, honey and cinnamon. It’s also good used in a marinade for roasted veggies!” – Catherine from Cup of Catherine

“I love to make oats with it!” Apple Cider Vinegar Egg White Oatmeal via Susie from Suzlyfe

“Toss ACV with vegetables prior to roasting or add to smoothies to boost the flavor with adding sweeteners!” Katie from Nourish.Breathe.Thrive.

“Salad dressing is my personal fave! I love ACV, sesame oil and tamari.” – Caroline from Caroline’s Kitchen


Blueberry Apple Cider Vinegar Muffins via Megan at Skinny Fitalicious

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As a wellness tonic.

“I drink it almost every morning with hot water and lemon. It helps keep my gut healthy (in my opinion) and gives me a little jolt when I wake up.” Giselle from Diary of an Ex Sloth

“I like to put 1 teaspoon in a glass of water and drink it before meals. It helps aid digestion, which I wrote about in this post.” Candice from Whole Health Hacks

“I take a shot of raw ACV with pineapple juice or orange juice every morning!” Jess from Plays Well with Butter

“The tart, slightly sour flavor takes some getting used to, so I suggest starting with 1 teaspoon ACV mixed in 8 oz of water. Some people mix in a little honey to make the flavor more pleasant.” – Nicole from Fitful Focus

“I use two capfuls in flavored seltzer water (like La Croix). It makes it taste like pop!” Kaila from Healthy Helper

“I take a shot of it daily (and to help soothe an upset stomach)!” – Julie from Sweat and Glow

Outside of the kitchen.

“Use it as a facial toner. Mix one-part ACV to 3-4 parts water. Apply to the skin with a cotton pad, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then rinse.” – Swanson Health Products

“Add 1 Tablespoon to your post-workout water bottle to fight lactic acid buildup.” – Swanson Health Products

“Aromatherapy Detox Bath: 1 cup ACV, 2 cups Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender oils.” – Swanson Health Products

For more genius ways of how to use apple cider vinegar, check out this blog post by Swanson Health Products!

So tell me. Do you use apple cider vinegar regularly in your household? Have you tried any of these tips?



-Carly Paige

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