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10 Gifts for the Home Chef

10 Gift Ideas for the Home Chef - FitLiving Eats by Carly Paige

Have you run out of Christmas gift ideas for the home chef who seems to have it all? I’ve collected 10 gift ideas for your beloved home chef that will make her feel loved in the kitchen. Whether she loves to chop, bake, cook gourmet, or meal prep, this list has you covered. 

Shopping for your loved ones can be challenging sometimes. Either they seem to have it all, you know what they are interested in but not sure what to get, or you get a case of Christmas gifting cold feet. 

We’ve all been there. 

If you have a home chef in your life, we’ve got you covered with 10 Christmas gifts that will make her feel loved in the kitchen. 

This post contains affiliate links. When shopping using these links, there is no additional fee to you. All product opinions are my own and those that I use every day in my kitchen. You can learn more about my affiliate and disclosure policies, here

Quality Chef’s Knife 

This is the #1 kitchen tool I recommend for anyone who steps foot in the kitchen. Whether you love to cook or cook just to get by, a good quality knife can make a world of difference.

Gifts for Home Chef - Shun Chefs Knife

Instead of wasting your money on a full set of knives that you’ll never use, I recommend two basic knives that will get the job done. Both of these make great gift ideas for the home chef.

8” Chef’s Knife – Shop on Amazon here

Paring Knife – Shop on Amazon here

Shun Cutlery is my brand of choice for knives. I received my first Shun Cutlery chef’s knife in culinary school and didn’t sharpen it for two years (whoops!). It still worked like a dream. 

Wood Cutting Board 

There are many different cutting boards out there, so which one do you choose? 

There are two things I look for in a cutting board: aesthetics and functionality. Because a cutting board is used almost every time there’s cooking involved, I often leave mine easily accessible on the countertop, which is why I not only want it to function well, but to look pretty, too. 

Shop on Amazon here

Gifts for Home Chef - Boos Reversible Cutting Board

My favorite cutting board that I use most often is the BOOS wood cutting board. There are many different shapes and thicknesses, so I’ve chosen one for you that is big enough to allow room to move, but thin enough so that it’s lightweight and easy to move around. 

Silicone Baking Mold (cupcake shape) 

Surprisingly, I use these for everything but cupcakes and muffins. They are a game-changer in the kitchen, but not necessarily an everyday tool that people already have in their kitchen. These silicone baking molds are nonstick and easy to pop foods out of. 

I actually went so far as to remove egg cups from meal prep client menus because the muffin tins were too much of a pain to clean. When I got my first set of silicone muffin molds, we were back in business! 

Gifts for Home Chef - Silicone Muffin Pan

Shop on Amazon here

These silicone muffin molds are mostly used in my kitchen for egg cups and mini meatloaves. 

Simply Swapped Everyday Cookbook 

Looking to gift your favorite home chef a cookbook that she will actually use? Look no further! 

My cookbook, Simply Swapped Everyday, is your guide to simple swaps that can be made in your day and kitchen to improve your health. The cookbook includes over 75 delicious plant-powered recipes that can be made in under 30 minutes, are meal prep-friendly and you won’t believe they are as healthy as they are. 

Gifts for Home Chef - Simply Swapped Everyday

Shop the cookbook on Amazon here

Oleavia Gourmet Olive Oil 

You can never go wrong with a set of high-quality, gourmet olive oils. This is one ingredient that I always encourage quality over quantity. The Oleavia olive oils are one of my favorite brands because they are a family-owned business who prides themselves on providing the best quality oils there is. The olives are handpicked a month earlier than most other olive oils at the peak of their antioxidant activity, then cold pressed at the location they are grown at. 

Gifts for Home Chef - Cooking Oils

Shop the Oleavia olive oil products here and use code “FITLIVINGEATS” for 15% off your total order! 

*because of the high quality of these oils, it’s best to experience them at room temperature or very low heat cooking. 

Le Creuset Rectangular Casserole Dish 

I love dishware that offers more than just pretty eye candy on the table. Le Creuset is the go-to brand for elegant, yet functional cookware and you can’t go wrong with any piece you choose. I personally have this rectangular casserole dish (which is great for lasagna or one-dish recipes) and their signature dutch oven – both of which I use all of the time. 

Gifts for Home Chef - Le Creuset Stoneware Rectangular Dish

Shop this Le Creuset Rectangular Casserole Dish on Amazon here

Christmas Gift Idea: Make it a tradition to gift one piece of cookware each year to build a collection over time! 

Turkish Cotton Hand Towels 

You’ve got hand towels for everyday use, and you’ve got hand towels for occasional use. In my experience, no matter how much you prioritize keeping hand towels spot free, they will get stained sooner than later, especially those that are light in color. 

These Turkish cotton hand towels are gorgeous, luxurious and could be classified in either category. They stand out with your preferred color choice, but minimal enough to compliment any overall design preference. I personally love the beige, melon and purple blue colors! 

Gifts for Home Chef - Mediterranean Hand Towels 2

Shop the Hand Towels here

Use code “FITLIVINGEATS” for 15% off your total purchase. 

Coccinella is a family-owned business whose mission is to share their Mediterranean heritage with their community (who also sells the superior olive oils mentioned above). Support small and keep businesses like theirs up and running by ordering direct! 

Mason Jar Funnel 

You might think this one is random, but assure you it’s not. Most people don’t have one of these tools in their kitchen, but they need it. My mom actually gifted all the girls in the family one of these for Christmas last year, and since then, I’ve bought several more to use in the FitLiving Eats Winter Park kitchen. 

Gifts for Home Chef - Mason Jar Funnel

These mason jar funnels are designed to perfectly fit the top of the mason jars to make pouring soups, overnight oats and chia puddings into the jar – mess free! 

Shop on Amazon here

Nutribullet Pro Blender 

If you have a smoothie lover in your family and don’t already have a Nutribullet (or similar blender), I highly recommend one. Between my Vitamix and Nutribullet, I use the Nutribullet the most for everyday living. It’s powerful enough to blend smoothies (and even small batches of cashew cream), and a lot easier to clean up than the bulky Vitamix. For someone who enjoys a smoothie a day, it’s been a game-changer and definitely worth the investment of under $100. 

Gifts for Home Chef - Nutribullet 2

Shop on Amazon here

Glassware Containers 

One of the number one goals in most people’s kitchens is to swap out the plastic containers for glass containers. They are the best option for your health and multifunctional. You can safely heat them in the microwave and even reheat foods in the oven without having to take it out of the container. 

Even though it’s many people’s desire to have glass containers for food storage, it often gets put on the wish list because it can be a bit of an investment. Even though it’s not the most glamorous gift, it’s a practical one that will be very much appreciated! 

Gifts for Home Chef - Glass Storage Containers - 1

I’ve included several options for you below. The first option is a multi-piece set with varying sizes. This set is nice to build the foundation for your collection as you figure out which sizes you use most. The second option are the two glass food storage container sizes that we use for meal prep clients at FitLiving Eats Winter Park. These along with varying sizes of mason jars is all we need, and the minimal sizes looks streamline in the refrigerator and cabinet when stored. 

Option 1: Multi-piece glass food storage set – Shop on Amazon here

Option 2: 63-ounce large glass food storage containers – Shop on Amazon here

Option 3: 30-ounce medium glass food storage containers – Shop on Amazon here

Looking for even more gift ideas for the home chef? 

SHOP MY KITCHEN for all recommended must-haves on Amazon.

Happy Shopping!

10 Gift Ideas for the Home Chef - 3

-Carly Paige

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